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On behalf of the Fittest of the Sierras Event Committee, we’re looking forward to our fifth year with all of you. The larger CrossFit community in our area definitely feels like a family because of your generosity, commitment, and energy. We are grateful to be a part of that.

To celebrate this year we’ve put together this short video, thanks to our partners at Nature’s Bakery. Not only do they have some great fig bars – but this local company shares our values of building a strong community of healthy people.

We’ve all heard the life-changing stories of CrossFit and we all have our own journeys. Some (like me) have only just begun, while others have been going at it for years. But what matters most is we continue to invite people into our boxes, our competitions, and our fundraisers to be a part of the community – to have fun and cheer each other on!

See you in Tahoe, friends!


Natures Bakery Presents Fittest of the Sierras from GWOF / Fittest of the Sierras on Vimeo.

WOD Talk Magazine: Good Vibrations

The following article was originally published in WOD Talk Magazine’s November 2013 issue.

There were a lot of great stories unfolding that weekend and, though it’s tricky to tell them all, I (Renelle) hope this article does justice in capturing a select few from the eyes of the competitors themselves. Enjoy!


Fittest of the Sierras: Good Vibrations

The CrossFit community is not only competitive — they’re generous and supportive. Building a community is what sets this fitness regimen apart from others.

South Tahoe CrossFit and the Growing Worldwide Opportunity Foundation (GWOF) recently held their fourth annual Fittest of the Sierras competition in South Lake Tahoe, California. This charity event has grown to include more than 130 competitors from 32 different affiliates and sold out in record time. Boxes joined from as far north as Truckee, California, as far south as Ridgecrest, and everything in between from the Bay Area to rural Nevada to throw down for a good cause.

Not only are they raising money for the less fortunate, they are also creating a sense of brotherhood for everyone involved.

“I think there is a sense of taking part in something that’s bigger than each of us,” says FOS competitor, Ty Jones. “It certainly left an impact on me. I walked away inspired for the fourth straight year.”

Dozens of people gathered to watch athletes endure five grueling WOD’s over the two-day period, giving people who wouldn’t normally visit a box a chance to see the action, speed and stamina of the athletes up close.

Over time the event participation has doubled, raising more than $20,000 to benefit GWOF’s humanitarian projects in proving food and water, shelter and education to the less fortunate.

The story began in 2009 when the two organizations first came together to host a local throw down. The goal was to have fun and raise a few dollars for local sports and fitness programs. This inaugural competition hosted roughly 65 competitors from nine different affiliates in the Reno-Tahoe area. They didn’t know that four years later, the annual Fittest of the Sierras competition would become the most highly anticipated CrossFit event in Northern Nevada and California.

This year’s first place finisher, Kyle Railton has competed every year and is always excited to see where he stacks up against the competition. “It is impossible to come out to FOS and not get infected with the positive vibrations, and this feeling spreads,” says Railton. “The spectators, volunteers and event coordinators were having as much fun as I was. It’s great to come out each year and see everyone’s improvements — with this group it can be anyone’s ballgame.”

But this was not just another day of competition, but a weekend of inspiration.

“Many non-crossfitters were there to support their friends and family — those people were exposed to a culture of inclusivity and excellence,” added Jones, who also owns a box in Reno, Nevada. “It’s a unique combination.”

KyleRailton2The second day of the competition featured a Bear Complex Ladder, which proved to be a crowd favorite. As competitors took their marks at each station, fans came together to root them on. When Railton, the last male competitor, approached the final station at 225 pounds, a crowd formed around him. He needed to complete 21 deadlifts to win that event. “The community carried me through,” he recalled. “They counted rep for rep as I scratched my way toward the goal, it was an amazing experience.”

Moments like this are what Fittest of the Sierras and CrossFit community strives for. It’s about every athlete doing his or her best, then turning around and cheering on everyone else.

“The CrossFit community in the Reno-Tahoe area has developed immensely over the past three years, a lot of it has to do with this event,” said two-time FOS competitor, Jim D’Itri. “Taking the opportunity to push yourself to the brink a friendly yet competitive environment is health and learn about yourself in the process. The best part is we’re raising money for a greater cause which is why, in the end, the greater community wins.”


mens 2013 rx

Official FOS 2013 Results

Wow… what a weekend! Our first two-day event couldn’t have gone any better. Great weather, great people, great WODs and all for a great cause!

Congratulations to our
Fittest of the Sierras 2013 Winners


Women’s Rx’d Division:
First Place: Ashley Miller (Reno, NV)
Second Place: Crystal McReynolds (Truckee, CA)
Third Place: Kayla Baumgardner (Truckee, CA)



Men’s Rx’d Division:
First Place: Kyle Railton (Tahoe Vista, CA)
Second Place: Sal Salas  (Reno, NV)
Third Place: Eric Botsford (Sacramento, CA)

Men’s Masters Division:
Harlan Karnofsky (Sacramento, CA)

Women’s Masters Division:
Danene Tushar (Roseville, CA)

Click here view the complete 2013 results.

What now? 
Well, we’re all about community. Between now and FOS 2014 we’d like to serve as a resource for local CrossFit events. If you’re hosting any competitions, fundraisers or workshops, let us know and we’ll be happy to get the word out on our social networks!

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